Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chloe Candy Dishes from

Chloe loves to be unique. She has her own quirky fashion sense and always looks perfectly put together, even if no one else could ever pull off that outfit! Her biggest passion is animals, even if she is not so coordinated she loves to spend time with dogs cats and any other animal there is. Chloe believes animals are people too and she spends her free time walking dogs for a local animal shelter....even if they often get her all tied up in knots. Sometimes though it is the passion that counts and everyone sees how passionate she is about animals! Dare to be me shop is all about expressing yourself and your inner "me" who is your inner you? Not sure yet? well keep looking around I am sure you will find her!! Maybe you are a combination of different "mes" on different days - that is ok too!! you are allowed to be you and it is okay to be every "me" you want to be!!

Perfect to hold your doggie treats!!!!!

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